The month of October is the start of Inktober. You will notice on instagram several hashtags referencing #inktober Here’s a video clip from the founder Jake Parker sharing the “how to do Inktober”

This year Inktober challenge will be daily drawing (15min max) using only black, white and red ink. . The goal will be to come up with a quick image associated to this years prompt words. also keeping all the images in a scary, October theme. Perfect for a Halloween ending.

Who is La Catrina?

Catrina has been an iconic symbol of the Day of the Dead celebration for many years.  The character has been seen by people in many different ways throughout her interesting evolution.  Catrina first came to life on an etching that was created around 1910 by printmaker José Guadalupe Posada, a highly prominent and respected artist from Mexico.  Catrina, A genuine grande dame of death,  is one of various comical illustrations of skeletons that were made famous by Posada.  On his print, Catrina is depicted as an lavishly elegant woman who wears formal attire with much pride and exuberance. 

Although Catrina is now perceived as a cheerful personification of the Day of the Dead, she was actually created as a piece of political satire that mocked people of Mexico who, in the beginning of the 20th century, showed an obsession with European materialism and style and disregarded their own indigenous culture.  Catrina later became a  symbol of the contrasts between the upper and lower classes of Mexico. In more modern times, we see Catrina as a beloved image of the Day of the Dead celebration that represents not only the gleeful nature of the festivity, but also the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.


The daily mask

“Mirror of life” oil pastels and collage paper on paper


The mirror that reflects both our inner and outer selves. The settle dim expression of muted colors and rough texture reflects reality. While the foreground coveys a vibrant showcase of life’s branches. Filled with smooth and shiny surfaces that are intersecting with various patterns of life. Together, these beautiful colors and figures form a mask. A mask that reality must wear. A mask that is moldable. A mask with eyes different than my own. A mask that is unknown to me.

Studio peak

“Practice we’re talking practice.”…. is an ideal thing to do, contrary to AI. it’s the best way to perfect your skills. I had a great weekend working with the lovely model Meghan who modeled several carnival head costumes, most were bigger than her.


Father's Day

“El Esposo”"

Acrylic on Canvas

22 x 28

Private Collector


What Make a Man

what kind of wound make a man
set his favorite rooster loose

on a dying hen what make the man

snap the neck of that twice-broken bird
before his child’s eyes what make him see

the bad idea after the fact—what open him

like a storm what make a man refuse
to ask forgiveness what make him offer

the sudden softness of his voice instead

what get the man loaded what make him choose
to carry the small brightness of his child’s body

through the cold sleeping city —no—

what make a man decide to drift the roads anyway
so his child stay warm in the front seat

what make him park the car two blocks away—

what arms filled and humming you are my sun-
shine each dark step of the way home

Geffrey Davis


My Sketchbook


The Mask of Puerto Rico

Thousands attended the 62nd National Puerto Rican Day Parade in Manhattan New York on Sunday. This brings together Boricuas from all over. In the past I have attended many of these parades enjoying the culture, indulging in the food, hearing the music and dancing salsa through the streets. When the crowd dwindle and the streets were cleaned, I walked away embellished from head to toe in clothing made with the proud flag of puerto rico.

San Juan, Puerto Rico 2019

San Juan, Puerto Rico 2019


I am currently working on a series influenced by the Vejigante Mask.

Vejigante festivals are celebrated throughout the island of Puerto Rico, but no place has the pageantry and passion like they do in Ponce where the vejigante mask has been artfully created and worn in honor for more than 300 years.

History of the Vejigante Mask

The origins of the tradition go back to 12th century medieval Spain. The vejigante represented the evil Moors who were defeated by St. James. People dressed as demons (vejigantes) in a procession thrown to honor St. James.

In the 17th century the vejigantes began to more generally represent good v. evil. In Puerto Rico, the Taino culture is also a part of the festival, and the vejigantes are heavily influenced by music, more specifically bomba and plena.

The mask itself is known as a “máscara careta,” which literally translates into “grimace mask”, and poignantly describes the scary look on its face. The vejigante is the person in costume who carries a vejiga (cow bladder) gigante (giant). The cow bladder is inflated and dried in the sun, then filled with seeds or beans and the vejiga is used by the vejigante as a “weapon” during the parades and celebrations, as they playfully bop people with the rattle. Today it’s rattles and colorful costumes that also adorn the mask.


2019 March150 Art Party

March 29 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Target Gallery and the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

“Quit Playing”   Acrylic on Wood Panel 10x10

“Quit Playing” Acrylic on Wood Panel 10x10

“Stop”   Acrylic on Wood 10x10

“Stop” Acrylic on Wood 10x10

Studio Peak

I took a break from my series painting this weekend and worked on a special request from my son. He drew the image below and ask if I could bring it to life in a painting. He enjoys manga, anime and speaking Japanese. I title this painting “Black Bushi”

Black Bushi    Acrylic on canvas  24 x 36

Black Bushi

Acrylic on canvas

24 x 36


Cherry Blossoms

It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year when all the cherry blossoms are blooming in Washington DC.


Cherry Blossoms

Washington DC 2019


A series in the making!

It’s been officially one year since the start of my series “Daughter of the Dust”. The series first painting is Inspired by the artist Gustav Klimt painting “The Virgin”. My painting titled “Daughters of the Dust” is 1 in a series of 4. This painting depict the African American woman’s beauty surrounded in rich patterns to create a mosaic message of sisterhood and unity.

Daughters of The Dust

Daughters of The Dust

30 Paintings in 30 Days September 2018

I'm excited once again to participate with others in doing a daily paint challenge. This month I'll be focusing on primitivism abstracts that are truly inspired from one of my favorite artist Jean Micheal Basquait. I was in art college in Brooklyn during his early life and got to see his amazing works up close and personal. 


Jean Micheal Basquait


What an amazing quest doing these Daily paintings! I have been participating in Daily paint challenges for several years with the hopes of completing one each day. I would start off strong and then fizzle out with one priority taking precedence over the next. I’m excited to say that this time I stuck my ground and did it, a small colorful painting for each day. in the past I tried to simplify it by working really small, using two/three colors only, or doing just pencil drawings. I enjoyed this journey and would like to thank everyone with there encouragements, comments and likes.

30 Painting in 30 Days 2018

February is Black History month and Valentine's Day, along with some other least know celebrated days.

2/1  No Politics Day ~ That means no political activities and no statements of any kind facebook or twitter post, no discussions or debates and no sharing or spreading political articles, comics, or other materials. "Give it a rest"

2/11  National Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day ~ It's a day to be optimistic, think positive, look on the bright side, and to find something good in everything that happens.

2/14  National Organ Donor Day ~ Encourages people to sign up to donate their organs, it may save a life.

2/28  Floral Design Day ~ Appreciate the creative and artistic quality of arrangements

2/28  National Public Sleeping Day ~Wherever you choose to sleep today, I hope it is peaceful and restful.

There are plenty more celebrated days visit

I am dedicated to a daily painting for 30 days, reflecting the emotions that we experience. "Emotional Beauty"

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